Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Trying to Squeeze it all In

Some people I know go for month-long holidays four times a year, and are completely calm about it.

We go on holiday for one week a year and I'm absolutely frantic.  And it's only to Wales so we can drive home and back in a day if we want to!

I don't think it's just me who is at sixes and sevens though; I see this Barn Owl around our garden every morning and evening - maybe it's doing overtime to feed some chicks!

My main problem is the garden....everything is ready to be planted out and I'm trying to get it done before we go away on Saturday - mainly because I know George won't prioritise watering my flowers!

Today, yesterday, and last Sunday I was able to spend a good few hours at it, but otherwise there have been too many distractions.

last Thursday we had a brilliant day at the Malvern Quilt Show.  We saw lots of inspiring quilts, and here are some of my favourites:

Hand-pieced by Francis Meredith and Longarm quilted by her too.  A couple of my friends have sent their quilts to her at Fabadashery (www.fabadashery.co.uk) and I really loved the results - very different from the overall swirls that gets very samey.
I quite liked this one - Peony Ring (I think) by Sally Bramald
The baskets are so clever:


I thought Abigail Rose by Sue Watters was beautiful
and then this one: Knot Garden by Claire Scott

caught my eye - she used Canadian smocking for the knots and what she called a 'crashing' technique for the topiary.  No idea what that means!

Then Saturday we were dancing in the rain in Winchester.  Whilst sheltering under the trees Louise pointed out a Handkerchief tree (also known as a Ghost tree apparently) - it was really beautiful:

covered in all it's hankies

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch was busy and we were all very impressed by Lynn's cot quilt:

and floor mat made with Japanese Patches which she learnt with us:

Front and back below


Sunday, 14 May 2017

A walk in the Woods

This morning I woke up before 5.00am with such a stiff neck it felt more like cramp!  The only thing that gave slight relief was blowing the warm hair drier on it - agony.  By late morning it was feeling a bit better, but it rather put paid to my plans to work all day on the garden.

I have various theories as to what caused it.  It could be the result of sitting hunched up all day against the cold at work. Or it could have been trying to push a wheel barrow full of turf and which has a flat tyre.  Or it could be some sort of repetitive strain because I have to pull the light pull in my bathroom about twenty times each night before the light comes on.  Or it could have been because I went dancing yesterday.  Or it could be because I spend practically every waking minute scrolling through Facebook to see what George is up to on his four week whistle-stop trek around America.....

There have been a few pictures, of some pretty spectacular views, although not as many as I'd like.

Yesterday we had a message conversation which reminded me of letters home when I was abroad:

George (Saturday 1.25am): 
Hello I'm having a really great time but I've run into a problem with my spending. I have about £200 left to spend so I'm not sure if it will last me the rest of the trip.
Us (Saturday 8.27am):
You have overspent quite a lot. Will put some money in on Monday but you have to curb your spending a bit...
Us (Saturday 8.34am):
Remember that the money may not be available till Tuesday because I'll have to do the transfer after work on Monday.
Us (Saturday 11.22am):
Have put money in your account. Try not to spend it all but if it gets low again let us know.
Anyway, while he was enjoying spectacular views, the dogs and I decided to make the most of Bluebell time.  We have three little woods, Hashams, Roger's Wood and Lodge Wood.  The Bluebells are particularly good in Hashams
and it's lovely to see the bright green ferns unfurling.
One Young Oak had loads of Oak Apples on it
and then you turn a corner and see this beautiful blossom

From Roger's Wood you can see through to the golden Rape behind:
We are lucky to have such beautiful places to walk around here.

We are also really exhausted.  The last ewe lambed last weekend, and the last cow calved yesterday.  I have started feeding my lambs just twice a day now they are happily gobbling up their creep feed, and some of the sheep have decided they can't wait till shearing and are throwing off their coats already!

We are so looking forward to our holiday! - every morning the only way I can get out of bed is by telling myself I can get back in at the end of the day!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Patches and Blocks

This week we have our Japanese Patches workshop - Japanese patches are great because each block is quilted as you sew it together, so very quick and easy.  Some of the ladies want to make bags with them, like mine

so it was lucky that Sheila came down from Nottingham last week to the Lynne Johnson day - using her Japanese patch bag to carry her quilt in!

And this is her lovely Antique Wedding Sampler quilt

Toni used the Quilt as you Go method for her Baltimore which is nearly finished now

And here is Jenny's stunning Di Ford quilt

The colours are so rich and it's so beautifully pieced - Jenny has a right to feel very proud of herself (and she is so grateful always to Lynne for all her help).

I also love the knitting bag Jacqui has made.  She realised that making the whole Yoko Saito Town quilt would be too much of a challenge for her, but completed the block she started in class and made it into this beautiful bag:

Everyone admires it.

I have started a new quilt.  Years ago I bought a lovely box of fabrics from the Petra Prins stand at the Malvern show,

and when I was buying another little kit the other day everyone kept going on about the Petra Prins that had never been made, so I thought I'd better make a start on it.

I have to say, it's not going to be easy - when I read the instructions I realised why it had been put away for so long:

That's it!  So I had to figure out how to actually make the nine blocks!!  Still, I've made a start and have nearly completed the first wheel - although it involved a lot of trial and particularly error.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

What a Beautiful Morning!

Victoria and Ben are upstairs packing so I thought I'd take a few minutes to walk Milly around the garden.  It is such a beautiful day - warm and sunny - and since it's supposed to be freezing next week I thought I'd take a few pictures before everything gets ruined!

The apple blossom is stunning at the moment

in fact, there are flowers blooming all over the place

Even the Rosemary is covered in pretty flowers for remembrance

The greenhouse is bulging

and this mum was looking after her triplets that were born yesterday afternoon - all three had to be pulled out because they were coming out the wrong way, but they are doing fine now.

On days like these all seems right in the world! 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Happy Easter

Well, it had to happen, didn't it?

In went the Hot Cross Buns at midday - and I got them out when I put the pizzas in at 7.00pm:

Certainly left me hot and cross!!

Luckily they were the five that couldn't fit in with the first batch, so we did actually get some edible Hot Cross Buns:

Monday, 10 April 2017

Exhibition Time

Well, it's all over.....we had the two day exhibition this weekend and now I'm in recovery.  Of course it had to be the sunniest, warmest weekend of the year that we had to stay indoors the whole time, but that aside it was a very good show.  We had a lot of visitors to our stand and I hope that they will be joining us for future workshops - especially those who said they'd like to stay in their caravans.

Our stand looked lovely thanks to all Lynne Johnson's beautiful quilts - and I have a strong feeling that I shall be starting on that Yoko Saito Town Quilt soon.

I got my quilts ready for the show - although some of them were definitely rushed and not as good as they could have been:

Shabby, shabby chic
My Donegal Tweed Quilt

Clare Kingslake Stitchery

Beginner's Quilt

and finally my little Flower Garden Hexagon hanging

We also had, on our stand, our list of Summer workshops so I'd better put it on here too:
Wednesday 12th April                    Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 19th April                  Scrappy Quilts with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 26th May                     Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 3rdMay                       Japanese Patches
Wednesday 10th May                     Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 17th May                     Clare Kingslake-designed Stitchery
Wednesday24th May                    Crochet jug cover with Helen Cubitt
Wednesday 31st May                     Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 7th June                       Postcards
Saturday 10th June                           Foundation Pieced Cushion with Helene
Wednesday 14th June                    Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 21st  June                    Yoko Saito Town Quilt and Christmas Quilt with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 28th June                    Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 5th July                        Na├»ve Flower Wall Hanging
Saturday 8th July                               Summer Bag Day with Helene Burgess
Wednesday12th July                       Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 19th July                      Machine Quilting with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 26th July                      Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
I'll be mailing out the long version soon.

Meanwhile, lambs are popping out everywhere on the farm.  I'll try to get a little video of them running around in the sunshine!


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Feeding Time

So here is the little lamb I'm feeding:


in between sewing on sleeves for the Market Square Quilters' Exhibition this weekend!