Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Teeny Tiny Hexagons

So there were lots of sniggers in the workshop when I started on a little project I've been looking forward to since I bought the kit from Foltvilag at the NEC.  I love all the Foltvilag things - they're a Hungarian company and watching Margit working with all her different templates is always fascinating.  There were sniggers because it was generally thought that, yet again, my ambition was greater than my skill.

Anyway, I got my head down, and by the end of the day I'd made these:

See how tiny they are?  That's a real 50p piece next to them!

Annoyingly Foltvilag don't supply patterns with their kits - you have to email them to get the instructions.  I emailed at least twice, and kept checking to see if they'd sent them, but they didn't come.  And I couldn't wait.

So I went ahead and made the purse anyway, hoping I'd got it right.

When the instructions came through today, I realised I hadn't done it quite right, but it's okay and I'm pretty pleased with my little change purse!

I'm going to make more - the right way next time!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Our Visit to Lorne Hill Farm

I didn't realise this post had worked! - but it has.  This is a little video my friend Mary made of her and Trevor's visit it to us the other week.  We had a lovely afternoon with her six grandchildren aged from 2 to 16!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016

Brilliant time at the NEC last weekend and top of my list was going to  see Angela at the Bobbin Patch to get the kits for our Giant Bobbin Pin Cushion workshop on the 14th September:

You can choose from Owls, Sheep, Scottie Dogs or Cats and they are really fun and quick to make.

We looked at all the quilts, and the good thing about going for two days is that it's all a bit overwhelming on the first day but on the second day you can take more in.

I took loads of photos, of course, but am going to try and select a few favourites for this post.  I try to be really careful about taking down names etc but I'm not always so clever about it.

The first two quilts I was very excited to see was Medallion Quilt II by Jenny Otto - which is, of course, one of our very own Lynne Johnson Quilts:

So that was very exciting.

And then this one by Faye's daughter-in-law Anna Galvin:

That's not Anna in front of it, it was someone I don't know but she and her friend were really admiring Anna's quilt!

Next up is this 'Walled Garden Broughton Castle by Dorothy Clee which I loved because it reminded me of the gardens of my relatives in Blockley in the Cotswolds.

This one, Tumbling Blocks by Abigail Booth, was very clever and won third prize in the Modern Quilts.

and this one, Vintage Bouquet is by Jo Colwill of Cowslip with Eileen Luxford
I loved this one -  Wallachien Colours by Vera Skockova and Skocek Citbor - because I love the folky feel to it.

This one below was a massive quilt on the end of an aisle and the more I walked past it the more I warmed to it.  You had to admire all the work that had gone into sewing all the little hexagons together - each on about the size of a 50p.

The softness of the colours in Grey is Beautiful by Anne Lillihom Jorgensen really drew me
I loved this one on the Diversity in Europe stand

The border was so beautiful:

And finally, since so many of the ladies who come to our workshops keep bees, I have to include this:

So, there you are, a tiny selection of the many beautiful quilts we saw at the exhibition.  We had such a good time, enjoying the over night stay so we could attend the delicious meal and then be entertained by the brilliant talk afterwards by Kaffe Fassett - I wonder if any of my Hastings cousins know him?

Then how lovely to get back home to find this:

All stacked up nicely for me to wash up - thank goodness our new dishwasher has arrived!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Penny Quilts

They're on again, so I'm enjoying these long August days when I'm pretty much left to myself.  Living with a farmer and his son who work together with uncle means the day follows the following plan:

7.15am - farmer sets out to work bellowing at son.
7.25am - son charges out to work
8.15am - both return and bicker over breakfast
9.15am - son leaves for work
9.20am - uncle telephones to ask where son is
9.30am - farmer goes out to work

12.30pm - farmer comes back for lunch - son may or may not do the same so there may be a bit more bickering

1.00 pm - if son came back for lunch, he'll go out again about now

1.05pm - uncle telephones to ask where son is

1.15pm - farmer goes out to man the drier

8.15pm - both return too tired to bicker and just eat

and that's it really.  At least for now when Jonathan is working at the drier at Maidencourt.  Once they move over to the drier barn here, things get a bit more complicated and there are lots of calls for lifts back and forth, or cups of tea, or slices of cake which really disrupts my peace!

Anyway, the garden is finally being a bit more productive and I made pasta with sunburst squash and courgettes yesterday:

both of which have been a long time coming.

And I've also finished my chair back cover made as a Penny Quilt:

Penny Quilts or mats were very popular in the 19th century and made with whatever fabrics the maker had around the house.  Pennies were inserted in the little circles to make sure they laid flat, and the folk art designs usually included hearts, flowers and birds.
I've used the off cuts from the woollen quilt I made and I'm pleased with it (the woollen quilt is over the sofa).  I really wanted something over the back of the chair but it would make a really pretty cushion too

- I've put it in the Autumn schedule on the 16th November - yes, the schedule is almost complete, just waiting for one more date to be confirmed!