Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Friday, 30 August 2013

How could I have forgotten?

I had just finished that last blog, when I received this from Shanti, who came to our Charm Pack weekend in the spring:

"Here are some photos of the applique quilt I learnt to make at your workshop.  I only finished the project last week. I quilted the pieced centre by machine, doing three or four concentric squares, and hand-quilted around the applique. I used the old-fashioned method of finishing the quilt by bringing up the excess backing fabric, folding it twice and hand-sewing it in place. It saved me cutting binding strips! I had originally intended making it larger with another pieced border, and perhaps another appliqued border to make a lap quilt. However, the friend for whom this is a thank-you gift (for the loan of her sewing machine, yes, the clunky thing I brought to the workshop) wanted it at this size to hang on her wall. "

I think it looks lovely.
However, it was what she said next that rang a bell:
"Speaking of sewing machines, I bought myself a new Janome at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, and this was the first quilting I did on it."
How could I have forgotten?  My main purpose for going to the NEC was to finally get what many people would call a 'proper' sewing machine.  My £100 price drop TV machine has done the best it could, but  the Country Compass in thick, Japanese fabrics was just one ask too many.  So, and it wasn't an easy step to take, I have finally bought an up to date, proper sewing machine - and it's changed my life (in a way).  I don't have to force fabric under the foot, and keep holding on to the machine as it tries to walk across the table - I can even walk out of the room and leave it to work on its own if I want - well, almost!
I couldn't bring myself to spend a fortune, so it's not all singing and dancing, but, I am absolutely thrilled with it!

Back in the Saddle Again....

My computer whizz sister Belinda came round yesterday and has sorted out my uploading problem.  So....

We went to the NEC and had a brilliant time.  The hotel was lovely and clean although the view from my window left a bit to be desired:

It's the generator for the air conditioning!  What a racket - I spent all night opening and closing the window: couldn't decide which was worse - the noise or sleeping with no fresh air!  Still, I had an adjoining balcony with Sandra so it was fun banging on her window and making her jump.

Saw some lovely quilts -  my favourites are pictured below, with the names of the makers where possible.

I really loved this one made by a lady in Ireland.  Instead of having a blog she makes a quilt blog of everything she does (someone standing near told me she makes one every year):

By Irene MacWilliam

I thought it was marvellous.
I also saw a similar one to an old quilt a caravanner gave me:
By Linda Fry
I liked the way it was put together so have started taking mine apart to put it back together like this.

Other favourites were:

By Virginia Enright

By Ingrid Huber


And the best in show, for anyone who didn't go, was:
If Lyn Johnson had put her version of Yoko Saito's quilt in the competition I am sure she would have won - it's not quite finished yet, but still absolutely stunning - so much work:

I didn't always agree with the judges, certainly I thought Philippa Naylor's dress was exquisitely worked and I'm not sure I would have chosen the coracle to win.  Still........beauty in the eye of the beholder.

On the farm it's that time of year again,  so the men are working very hard and I'm providing them with fuel.
I'm very excited about the second brood of swallows we have.  This was the first sighting:

And then I was thrilled to see the whole brood:

They are much bigger now and I suppose they will soon be off to Africa:

They all look a bit grumpy, don't they!

May bug time came and went.  We get so many up here and in the evening they fly down the chimney:

Blooming nuisance.

And finally; it was Lambourn carnival over the Bank Holiday and Linda and Betty were fantastic as Aunt Sally and Worzel Gummidge

I think you can tell by the way I'm staring at her blankly that I didn't even recognise her! Absolutely hilarious!!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Uh Oh

Just in case anyone thinks I couldn't find my way out of the Festival of Quilts, or got lost in the hotel we were staying in and am stuck in a laundry shaft somewhere.....I'm not.
I'm having a problem with uploading pictures onto this blog - everytime I try it cuts out.  Very frustrating and I think it's boring without pictures so am hoping for an expert to help me out.
Hopefully, it will be sorted soon so I can tell you all about the NEC and what is happening around here.
We are also in the process of sorting out the Autumn Schedule - so keep checking and we should have everything up here very soon!