Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Stuff

Having just dropped Victoria and Ben off at Southampton for their journey home to Jersey, I thought I'd reflect a bit on all the goings on.  Most of it I've seen through the fog of an awful virus (it spread through the school like wildfire before the end of term) but it's on it's way out now.

The house was decked with holly and ivy and the tree was chopped down and brought home by Jonathan and George (along with a deer, squirrel and scottie dog).

My sister and her partner and Ben and Tori arrived on the 23rd, and then on Christmas Eve we had a few friends and neighbours round for Chilli, drinks and carols
It was a lovely evening.

Christmas Day arrived and we went off to church.  Victoria was pulled to the front to light the Advent candle and so we could applaud her work on the kneeler she'd made (which made me laugh).  Then  the service began.  Little Billy Tulloch went up to the front to do his reading.  I thought he did so well, putting a lot of effort into it and he was word perfect.  Then he stopped and did a little cough....then three more..... and then he threw up spectacularly.  I'm afraid to say I thought that was funny (but I did feel sorry for him) - but even funnier was having Rev Cawte carry on with the service with Freddie Tulloch hard at work with mop and bucket behind him!

Christmas dinner went well.....I took the sausages wrapped in bacon out of the oven 5 hours later:

Jonathan was very pleased with his singing, flying Snowman although I didn't get it to work properly until yesterday and a visit to the garden centre where they told me how to work it.

and Ben and Victoria liked their Beach Picnic Quilt I made them

Boxing Day we danced at The Swan and it was a lot of fun.  Cars were stopping so people could take photos and a number of shoot vehicles went past honking their horns.  The last time we had so many spectators was when we danced in Lambourn for the very first time.  About 15 people lined up to watch and we were thrilled until the bus came along and they all got on.

This morning was the East Garston Fun run and I enjoyed watching it with Reuben.  I'd have loved to join in but I'm not as fit as I'd like to be

And I'll leave you with the perfect Christmas Picture (ie, the two hours they weren't glued to their phones or watching cartoons on tv or sleeping in)

Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bright Lights!

Just after George and I got back from seeing the poppies in London, our friends Trevor and Elizabeth Gore invited us to a Christmas service they go to in London.  They ask us every year, and we always say no, but because I was so excited at having been to the big smoke, I said yes.

As everyone knows, for the past two days I have been worried sick - what to wear?, what to do?, who will I speak to?  Anyway, I did go, and had an amazing time.

First we did a little bit of shopping and admired the lights

Fortnum and Mason's was beautiful

Then we went for a wonderful tea at

Then we went on to St George's, Hanover Square

for a really beautiful service.  The musicians and choir were amazing - it was incredibly uplifting.   It was also very exciting to hear the readings by people like John Sessions, Ian Hislop, David Nicholls and Dan Stephens.

We ended the evening at

where I made a new friend (sort of)

Then, as we were going through the foyer a (shortish) man in a tartan jacket strode past us, with his blonde wife who I smiled at thinking I knew her, followed by another couple - the man had spikey black hair.  It was Rod Stewart and  Ronnie Wood!

Meanwhile, back home things have been getting more Christmassy.  On Sunday we went to our own Carol Service in East Garston - it always looks so pretty with all the candles

And the Pitch and Stitch gang entered into the spirit of Christmas by meeting our Christmas jumper challenge


And I finally got all my Christmas cards in the post - with special stamps I ordered from Royal Mail - I wonder how many people spotted them?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's getting even more like.....

I'm wreathed out!

Tuesday evening came around and it was the wettest, darkest, dankest night you can imagine, and yet nine ladies managed to leave babies with husbands and spend the evening making lovely wreaths:

Then this morning dawned cold but bright and sunny
and another 10 ladies (and girls)  made their way to the workshop

and then, after a quick lunch, another 7 ladies made their way to the workshop

and all under calm instruction from Linda

and fuelled with mince pies, clementines and hot chocolate

It was a lot of fun - lots of these ladies return every year and it's lovely to catch up with everyone.  Oh, and by the way, we already have 11 bookings for next year!

Things inside the house have been a bit more tricky.  Jonathan is still in his home-decorating frenzy (although it's been calmed down a bit by his annual Christmas cold) and so last Saturday after the workshop I finally gave in and said I'd tile the bit of wall at the end of his bath.  I did most of the tiling in the house but for some reason got our friend Alan to do the last bit in the kitchen - I couldn't remember why....

I had a quick look at a You Tube tuition to remind me how it's done (noticed, by the way, that the professional had a smudge of putty on the back of his hand by the end of the job) and set to it. 

I didn't have a scraper but decided my little plate scraper would do the job.  I smeared the first bit of putty on the wall and it fell off with the paint so realised I'd have to scrape all the paint off too.  It's hard to describe the hell of the next three hours.  By the time I screamed for Jonathan, I was covered head to toe in lumps of putty,  you couldn't see across the room because of the dust, the tiles were dropping off the wall as fast as I put them on and I'd used most of the putty just putting up six tiles.  I was in despair.  Jonathan said "Well, aren't these little crosses too small?"  I reminded him I hadn't done a three year apprenticeship in tiling so how would I know?  Anyway, he started taking over so I was happy to leave him to it.  Half an hour later I looked in and he was smearing the stuff on the wall with his bare hands and using sheer force to get the tiles to stick.  It was gone 9 by the time we had 8 tiles secured.

He has sorted it out now but if ever, ever, I look like I'm about to do some DIY, I've told George to tie me up and call an expert.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like......

Yes - just little things around the house....

Father Christmas and Mr Snowman are perched on the shelf....

And Alfie's brought down the beautiful decoupage Christmas box Belinda made us quite a few years ago now......

Christmas quilt is up....

And there's a bit more cooking going on in the kitchen!

There's also been quite a bit of crafting going on.  Jackie came to Helene's Scandinavian style Christmas Heart workshop a couple of years ago, and has decided to make them as Christmas gifts this year so she was busy at Pitch and Stitch working on a lovely selection:

The black one at the front is an unfinished one I started (I know, I know - what a surprise). I made loads for the school Christmas fair last year but I ran out of time for this one.

Anyway, on Saturday Helene repeated the workshop and we all had a brilliant day - it was lovely to see some new faces too

And they all went home with FINISHED hearts!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

A bit of sunshine

Like today, yesterday we had a bit of sunshine so after hanging out the washing I decided I had to clean out the chickens.  A very nasty job when it is so wet everywhere but I haven't done it for two weeks so had to get on.

I did a pretty good job, scrubbing the floor clean and putting new straw in the nest boxes.  I think the chicken will be happy

Then I rewarded myself with a trip to Marlborough - had to visit the new Sea Salt shop there!

Jonathan and George were clearing out the river bed.  Because it's spring bourn, the river dries out late Autumn and winter so it's a chance to clear fallen wood.  Once a year the village has a river cleaning day when we all go out with bags and litter pickers and clear everything up, but when a chain saw is needed Jonathan is often called upon for help.  For bigger jobs they get a gang together and, frankly, it's an excuse for them to play together but they do make everything look really nice.

Brian left of his decorating to help!

Helene has sent me some photos of the hearts we will be making on Saturday.  I gave them to everyone for Christmas presents a couple of years ago but may be tempted to make some more - they're really pretty:

When I got back from Marlborough I got my washing in off the line......and put it in the tumble drier - it was as wet as when it went out.