Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Lynne's Quilts

Spent a very pleasant afternoon yesterday showing off Lynne's beautiful Medallion Quilts and eating cupcakes and drinking squash! (- as usual, Sandra C. said how delicious the drink was and asked if I'd made it myself - I said that if by that she meant adding water to orange squash then, yes, I had made it myself).

We put the quilts on stands in the garden first but after they'd blown down twice (lovely sunny day but the wind kept whipping round in all directions) we gave up and put them in the workshop - a bit of a squeeze but Sue said it was cozy!

Lynne's stunning Antique Wedding Sampler

Lynne chatting to Jenny and Sue

 Sue also brought along a quilt she started at the weekend workshop we held earlier this year:

So now she's started designing her own quilts!

It was nice to see our quilting friends yesterday and some new faces - a good launch to our Autumn term!

This afternoon I walked Rheuben down to the pond and was thrilled to see two dragonflies flitting about - I came back for my camera and spent about 20minutes trying to take a picture!

Then, since I had my camera with me, I took some snaps of some of the beautiful late summer colours I've noticed in the garden:

This Dahlia is lucky to be here - I almost pulled it up in the spring thinking it was an elder!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Jersey Break

Just back from a few days in Jersey, seeing where Victoria and Ben are living and visiting some of the sights.
We went to Hamptonne house where there was an amazing display of samplers - these were some of my favourites:

Made by Elizabeth Anna Marett, aged 7, in 1736

Made by Esther Boudier in 1781
Made by six year old Mary Jane Barreau in 1826
Made by six year old Mary Hamptonne
Below is a cheery little poem
This one was made by Patricia Bell who was deported from Jersey to the German prison camp at Biberach
This stunning sampler was made by 10 year old Elizabeth Hamptonne in 1826
Here are some details:

This is an angel carrying a cornucopia, but I think they looked like little divers carrying harpoons!

An amazing collection - Victoria is using them for inspiration with her cross-stitching.

We also saw some Jerseys!

I really want one as a milk cow.  Jonathan's mother always had one - his father, David, would milk it every day and once a week June would make butter and sell it at Newbury market.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Well, September's here and I am back at work with all the year 7s looking like they should still be in nursery!

Jam making is underway - plum and raspberry done and blackberries nearly picked

Our neighbours got back from their fantastic cycling holiday in Germany and bought me a lovely mat made from felt balls (they bought George, who has been looking after all their animals, an Octoberfest tankard and huge can of lager......)

Apparently crafting is very popular there and there were lots of wonderful little craft shops.

All this is very well but I know what everyone wants to know because I'm being inundated with e mails - "Have you done the new schedule yet?"

Well we have, and anyone who reads this blog gets a preview - just the bare bones - before I send out the full schedule!


Wednesday 24th September – Medallion Day with  Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 1st October – Yoko Saito Town Quilt day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 8th October – Lynne’s new sampler quilt  with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 15th October – Eleanor’s quilt  with Sandra
Wednesday 22nd October – Introduction to the basics of Modular knitting with Sandra
Saturday 25th October – Willow Weaving  with Alan Hulford
Wednesday 29th October – Medallion Quilt with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 5th November РIntroduction to Micro Macram̩ with Carolyn Page
Wednesday 12th November – Sampler Quilt with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 19th November – Advent Elf Day with Sandra
Wednesday 26th November – Medallion Quilt Day with Lynne Johnson
Wednesday 3rd December – Felt Tree skirt with Sandra
Wednesday 10th December - Scandinavian style hearts
Saturday 13th December: morning or afternoon – Wreath Making  with Linda Maynard
Wednesday  17th December –  Quilt as you Go Table Runner
We are really hoping that Helene's hip will have healed by the 10th of December so she can take this class.
So there you are!  Full schedule will be arriving in your in boxes tomorrow!