Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Thursday, 28 May 2015


This was supposed to be a post on our trip to the Malvern Quilt show, but I seem to have lost all my pictures.  If  I stumble across them, I'll do a post then.  We had a great time though, saw lots of beautiful quilts and did a bit of shopping.  Obviously bling is in, lots of the winning quilts had crystals glued onto them, pretty and sparkly but not necessarily something I would want on my bed.....

We went by coach to Malvern;  it was the Swindon Town Football team's coach, which, funnily enough, with the same driver, picked us up from St Pancreas Station to bring us home from France!

So - our French adventure.  We went as part of the Hungerford Twinning association.  We have hosted members of the Bertrand family to help out over the past few years, so this year I decided we should have a long weekend over there.

We got up at 4.00am on Friday and left Hungerford at 5.  We then caught the train at St Pancreas and went all the way down to Tours.  A coach picked us up there and took us to Ligueil, which is Hungerford's twin town.

We spent the next few days eating our way through the Loire Valley.  Francoise, Daniel, Ofilie, Coco and Elodie were the perfect hosts, and made us feel so welcome.

Here are some pics

Visiting a goat farm

Working our way through a six course lunch

A beautiful old village

Jonathan with Daniel and Francoise in the square

Inaugurating the English Telephone Box Hungerford sent to Ligueil

Enjoying lunch on the terrace

Daniel entertaining us with his hurdy gurdy

On the last day we went to the beautiful Chateau de Chaumont-Sur - Loire and walked around the beautiful gardens where they have the International Garden festival.

There were loads of different gardens, with different themes.  The one above looked like a wild patch but the mirrors on the wall at the back revealed the beautiful secret garden planted behind.

This was obviously supposed to be a potting shed and one garden was devoted to the different plant dyes:

And of course we had a picnic:

After that we went to Reggis and Thereze's farm and saw their cows

and had something to eat

Their farm had been in the family for four generations and the stuff in the old barns was amazing

Everywhere we went we could hear the Cicadas and frogs:
What a brilliant time we had! 
Thank you very much Mr and Mrs Bertrand and the Hungerford Twinning Association!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Late Spring....

The year is whizzing by again and now it is definitely late spring; lambing is finished, the cattle are out in the fields, and Barney and Big Boy have had a trim ready for summer


Nice and cool!

Our 60 ewe lambs are due to be shorn at 7.30 tomorrow morning, so I'll be helping Jonathan get them down from the hill this afternoon.

My six lambs are now able to feed independently off the rack, so I only take ten minutes to feed them
AND they have taken a liking to their creep feed so I can look forward to weaning them.

Time to turn to the garden and we have started sorting things out.  I have cleared up the raspberry patch and Jonathan uncovered the path to the greenhouse which had been so neglected I'd forgotten we had one
(path that is, not greenhouse).

Things in there are slowly coming along; toms, cucumbers, courgettes, beans and flower seedlings.

And, most importantly, Sandra and I have drawn up our summer schedule! 

We start with a primitive stitchery on Wednesday, and of course the Medallion course is continuing.  On Saturday 13th June we have a bunting party - get a gang of six friends together and make personalised bunting,

  on Wednesday 17th June we have Helen C teaching crochet
Saturday 20th June Helene B will be doing a Foundation Piecing class  (not as tiny as her usual work so good for Beginners)

1st July we will be experimenting with Pentagons - which could be described as the new hexagons!  We'll be doing lots of 'fussy cutting' so, like a kaleidoscope, new patterns emerge

Lynne Johnson will be giving another class on the Yoko Saito Town Quilt on the 8th July and then on the 15th July Sandra will be making lovely big bears

and the next week we have a bit of Christmas in July when we have the Advent Elf day.

So, busy, busy, busy!