Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Advent Calendars

Today was Advent Calendar Day - no elves, but calendars made from panels.  I had a feeling this might be a workshop with a difference when the general response from the requirements list was "I don't have a sewing machine" - but then three of the four ladies decided they did have machines.  The fourth borrowed my Toyota.

When they arrived, Micki had an antique hand machine, and Sophie had (with all due respect) what was really a toy machine.  Fine, Jacqui T and I will never forget turning up for our first workshop all those years ago.  I lugged in my ancient Singer and Jacqui her hand machine, only for us to look around and see all the ladies with state of the art computerised machines we didn't even know existed!  Anyway, the real surprise for me was when Sophie and Linda said they'd NEVER used sewing machines before!!  Still, one quick, mini-tutorial later, and they were off:

See the tiny machine at the back?

They worked and worked - and were thrilled with the results:

Just goes to show - where there's a will, there's a way!!


  1. Brilliant day - thanks Joanne! If we can do it, anyone can.... :) Micky

  2. I won't forget turning up with our ancient machines either Jo! My old Singer (which was handed down from Nan to Mum and then to me) is still going strong.
    Lovely advent calendars. I especially like the house design.
    Enjoy filling them with chocolates!