Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Finished...at LONG Last

At times I have wondered if I'd ever be able to say this.....but, the day has come, and I have finished my medallion!!

I think I started it in 2011 - and it has been hard work but, once I've quilted it, I think I'll be pleased.

All those years ago it was my plan to show people that quilting needn't be an expensive hobby, and decided to make it out of four old dresses that I'd loved.  I've just been searching through my old trunk to find photos, but could only find pictures of two of the dresses.

Two were Laura Ashley (this is one, and I'm wearing it at an old friend's wedding where I was one of the two Maids of Honour - I think it must have been about 25 years ago)

and the other one was actually a skirt and top which I bought on my way to an interview in London - I think it must be about 30 years ago

In fact it was again at a friend's wedding - I got fed up with going to people's weddings after a while!!

The last dress was a Miss Selfridge dress which I really loved and would have bought between the above two.

When I first started the quilt I was a bit worried that I might still want to wear the dresses but, looking at them now, I think they had their time!

So that's the good news.

But there is also a little mystery happening around here.  Everyone knows about my friend who comes over once a week and hides a little sheep we have somewhere in the house, and then I have to find it and hide it again (- don't ask).  Well, this week I couldn't believe it when I saw she'd introduced a cat into the game.

She denies all knowledge of it though, as does everyone else I've questioned......so, where has that little cat in the yellow coat and purple scarf come from?...or did I make it and have forgotten?  Am I losing my marbles?  Oh dear.


  1. Weird happenings...
    I love the quilt and the curly hair+

  2. I love the history behind that quilt and it is worth waiting for. It was also great to see photos of you wearing the dresses.

  3. Aah, I've only just read this.
    Spiral curls - nice, so bouncy! But you have lovely straight here now and I'm glad the dresses are part of a quilt rather than part of your wardrobe :-D