Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

A bit of sunshine

Like today, yesterday we had a bit of sunshine so after hanging out the washing I decided I had to clean out the chickens.  A very nasty job when it is so wet everywhere but I haven't done it for two weeks so had to get on.

I did a pretty good job, scrubbing the floor clean and putting new straw in the nest boxes.  I think the chicken will be happy

Then I rewarded myself with a trip to Marlborough - had to visit the new Sea Salt shop there!

Jonathan and George were clearing out the river bed.  Because it's spring bourn, the river dries out late Autumn and winter so it's a chance to clear fallen wood.  Once a year the village has a river cleaning day when we all go out with bags and litter pickers and clear everything up, but when a chain saw is needed Jonathan is often called upon for help.  For bigger jobs they get a gang together and, frankly, it's an excuse for them to play together but they do make everything look really nice.

Brian left of his decorating to help!

Helene has sent me some photos of the hearts we will be making on Saturday.  I gave them to everyone for Christmas presents a couple of years ago but may be tempted to make some more - they're really pretty:

When I got back from Marlborough I got my washing in off the line......and put it in the tumble drier - it was as wet as when it went out.

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