Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
This hanging from Annie Downs' Hatched and Patched book should be in every caravan as a cushion or decoration!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Fools

So, April Fool's Day has dawned - and for the first time in  years I haven't played a trick on anyone.  Don't know why - I've always been very keen in the past - probably all the dust and chaos in the house from the building work distracted me.  I always catch Jonathan out with lame things like the sheep are out, or DEFRA are coming to do an inspection.  Then the time I woke Victoria up with "Your piano teacher is downstairs waiting for you" - she leapt out of bed and started dressing and when I said "April Fool" she burst out crying.  Then when I asked my mum if she'd seen the Queen and Prince Philip coming down the canal outside her house on the royal barge was particularly good - she couldn't believe she'd missed them.  Then when my nephew was little and I phoned and said a lion was loose in their village and they had to go and look.  Joe went, came back to the phone and when I said 'April Fool' he said that actually he'd seen the lion.

Anyway, the joke was on me today.  Lambing started nice and promptly but I couldn't believe my eyes when I came in from the workshop

How can I possibly have a lamb to feed on the first day?  Apparently her mum wasn't interested and only had enough milk for her twin anyway.  So the work starts again.....she is rather sweet though.


  1. What a lovely colour. Good luck. Seven lambs were born to one mother down at Pickham Farm.