Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tuesday morning Pitch and Stitch - 10.00am to 1.00pm
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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Day

Well, I'm sitting here full of chocolate and roast dinner and feeling quite content with the world.

A few things have worked out well today.

First of all, when I put the ingredients in the bread maker for my Easter Plait I accidentally set it to quick bake instead of dough.  Realised in the nick of time and emptied it out and then kneaded it by hand - I was worried that the yeast had been killed though.

However, it was fine.

Then, one of the ewes was lambing for the first time and struggling quite a bit.  Jonathan pulled the lamb out

checked her over

and realised she was having another one so pulled that one out too.

He put both lambs under her nose for her to clean them up

but she was having none of it.  This sometimes happens the first time they lamb, especially if they have struggled - I suppose they just associate the lambs with pain.  Every time the lambs tried to get near she'd push them away.  Twice Jonathan held her fast so they could feed but it was hard work.

Then, this evening, I went out to have a look and

both lambs were suckling away!

So that was a happy ending.

Then George is back from Lundy and he wants to move there (two children each on different islands - that would be really unfair).  I have enjoyed looking at the photos.  He said it was like another world

It does look beautiful.

Finally, apologies to everyone I have accused, both outright and in my head, of breaking and hiding two of my breakfast bowls.....I found them at the bottom of the cupboard!

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